Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eggsellent Easter

{easter egg sorting and resorting and resorting}
Easter was divine! We celebrated at our house with the discovering of baskets, the hunt and then church. After, we drove to my parent's house and had a grand hunt and dinner. Pinkie found the most money eggs and I got a $4 lottery ticket. Big winner baby! {awkward picture- only one taken}
My grandma and seester are quite known for their party planning passions. Everything was adorably decorated and placed to perfection. This is so out of my realm of creativity.
I've been wanting to make Pinkie a real dress. Not like a repurpose or refashion or throw together. But, like, a real dress with a pattern and precise-ness. I convinced {read: bribed} her to wear it by letting her pick out the fabric and buttons (which are glitter hot pink) and a whole lot of gum. I found the pattern and tutorial on The Cottage Home.
{only picture I have... sad}
The dress looking amazing! When they say press and remeasure and iron seams down and clip corners, they really mean it. It changes the whole quality of the dress! Love Love Love!
{beautiful eggs}
We dyed 36!
Coming soon! Baby J turns ONE!!!


Shanna said...

what a great pic of baby j!!!

Andrew & Tara said...

ditto! Beautiful picture of J!