Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby J turns 1!

I love that when I look at my little man, I think I can see what he'll look like as a grown man. Any other mom's of boys think that? The ballons were his favorite thing. He squealed with delight at Party Depot watching them blow up the masses of Saturday birthday balloons.
We were scheduled to have an outdoor party, but the weather turned wet. So, we went to Out of this World Pizza. It's the hot spot for kids in our neighborhood. Pinkie and all her friends loved it. Baby J just got passed around to people, sneaking their cake and soda.
"I'm ONE!" I love having a baby boy. He adores me, I him and that's just a dream come true.

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Anna said...

Ashley, he cannot be one already. Where does time go? I have to meet the cutest kids ever asap!